Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral to attend this clinic?

No, you don't need a referral to see David Jeremic (Chiropractor).​


Can my GP refer me?

​Yes. GPs may refer patients with a chronic medical condition, including muskuloskeletal conditions, Modern Chiro accepts referrals as an Allied Health Service under Medicare. When you are referred, we'll work with you and your doctor to prepare and carry out a treatment plan. Medicare rebates may apply to reduce the fees you pay.

Do I have to be a sports person to attend this clinic?

Absolutely not! David has a strong practice interest in sport and fitness, However, he offers services for anyone who requires musculoskeletal assessment, diagnosis and multi-modal treatment and management.​

What do I need to bring?

  • Please bring all previous imaging (films and reports) that may be relevant to your presenting condition to your initial consultation

  • Please wear comfortable clothing (David may recommend loose-fitting clothing, such as gym gear)​

Can the consultations be claimed on Private Health Insurance?

Yes, initial and standard consultations can be claimed on your Private Health Insurance.

HICAPS is available. After the consultation, your health fund card is swiped through the HICAPS terminal  Your claim details are entered and the transaction is processed. Once your claim is authorised, you pay the gap amount - the difference between the full fee for the treatment and the amount claimed from your health fund.

Alternatively, if you don't have your health fund card with you, an invoice will be provided that you can take to your health fund provider and claim afterwards. Contact your Private Health Insurance provider to determine your health fund coverage and rebate amount for chiropractic health services.

How can I make, change or cancel an appointment?

Please book online to make an appointment. 24 hours’ notice is required prior to your appointment for appointment changes or cancellations.  Appointments not attended or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice may incur a charge of up to 100% of the original appointment amount.

Do I need to make an appointment, or can I just walk in? 

You'll need to schedule an appointment prior to attending the clinic. For all appointments, book online.

Can I change or cancel an appointment via email?

Yes.  You can also change or cancel an appointment by calling us on 0415 975 022, or change your booking online​.

Do I need to pay for my appointment at the time of the consultation?

Payment in full is required at the time of consultation. 

Is parking available? 

​There is free 24/7 parking available on site at Goodlife Health Clubs Marion.

What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a drug free, surgery free system of healthcare primarily for the musculoskeletal systems (bones, joints, muscles and ligaments) and some of the neurological system (nerves and the spinal cord).

What should I expect when visiting a chiropractor?

Your chiropractor needs as much information as possible to make an accurate diagnosis of your problem. This will involve you completing a form when you arrive to describe your current condition and supply details of your medical history. The chiropractor will then perform a physical examination. It is possible that you may require further tests or x-rays, CT scans, MRI or ultrasound. The chiropractor should then have sufficient information to tell you what is wrong and whether they will be able to help you or if you require a referral to your GP or a specialist.

What conditions or problems can be treated by a chiropractor?

Typical conditions treated by a chiropractor are back and neck pain, sciatica, certain types of headaches, shoulder pain including frozen shoulder, elbow and wrist pain including tennis and golfer’s elbow, hip, knee and ankle/foot pain.

How will a chiropractor treat my condition or problem?

Chiropractors use a variety of techniques to reduce pain and improve mobility and function. The one system that most people associate with chiropractic is hand-delivered manipulation of the spine. Some chiropractors call this an ‘adjustment’. They may also use other techniques and/or modalities like heat, ice, massage, specific exercises, ultrasound and acupuncture. They may also give lifestyle, ergonomic and dietary advice. 

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