Initial consultation

If you've never attended ModernChiro, or have not been for two years or more, you need to have an initial consultation. 

Your initial consultation lasts about 30 minutes. We'll endeavour to make the appropriate diagnosis, as well as detect the causes or risk factors that lead to the development of your complaint/condition. We can then advise on management approaches, and/or arrange for the appropriate referrals. Treatment may begin for your complaint/condition at the initial consultation depending on the outcome of the examination. For more information, see At your first appointment

When you book for the first time, you'll receive a link to our initial consultation intake form. The link to your form will arrive by SMS and e-mail about  15 minutes after the booking is made, or after  booking online, you can fill out the initial consultation intake form on PC/tablet by clicking the link below. 

You need to complete the intake form before you come to the clinic for your first visit. 

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